The Innovation Hub is the community where experts and innovators from everywhere collaborate to tackle NATO challenges and design solutions. It is the engine of the NATO Innovation Network, federating national entities leveraging open innovation and agile development.

Why join the Hub?

The products delivered by the Innovation Hub are available to all of its members. They include:

  • Access to a broad community of experts from inside and outside NATO
  • An online collaborative platform to interact with the community (password protected)
  • knowledge base of all the topics addressed by the Innovation Hub
  • In-house and crowdsourced Agile Solution Development capability
  • Innovative solution aiming at meeting NATO and Nations' future capability challenges
  • The opportunity to explain your issues, ask your questions or propose your solutions

Who should join the Hub?

The Innovation Hub gathers three communities:

  • The END USERS.
    • NATO and nations military and their operational partners, who express their "pain points" and operational needs.
    • Experts from Academia, Industry, Science and Technology who contribute their solutions to the capability design process.
  • The CAPABILITY DESIGNERS. NATO and nations personnel responsible for translating the providers' contributions into solutions meeting the end users' needs.

When to join the Hub?

Anybody can initiate a discussion at any time. The Innovation Hub also organises events focused on specific topics.
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