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COMPUTER SIMULATION FOR CADET'S TRAINING Cadets at the Virginia Military Institute (VMI) participated in a Disruptive Technology Experiment (DTEX) on May 4th, 2023. This DTEX event explored how a digital 3D environment, in this case the Arma 3 game, can be used to enhance cadet training. Arma 3 was

ICHALL23/1 Finalists

The Finalists of the Innovation Challenge are: - The Danish Meteorological Institute from DENMARK with their solution “AI-based automated sea ice services for the Arctic and coastal areas” - MetOcean NiKA from CANADA with their solution “MetOcean NiKA – Advanced acoustic profiling float” - IRSA

Innovation Training for NATO

The Smurfinators successfully complete the Project Mercury Through years of searching for the best approach to innovation training, the NATO Innovation Hub has found the most solid structure to work with; Project Mercury. It is now becoming the training reference for all members of the NATO

ACT launches Innovation Challenge on the High North

ACT launched the 11th edition of the NATO Innovation Challenge on March 27th to help the Alliance enhance its situational awareness of the Arctic Region, with a 360̊ approach from space to seabed. This Innovation Challenge is co-organized with the NATO Communications and Information Agency and the

ACT Innovation Branch 2022 Year Book

Learn about was achieved, and delivered, in 2022 by the NATO ACT Innovation Branch. The 2022 Year Book lists and explains the products and achievements of the year.