Finding the Best Solutions for the Hardest Problems

NATO Innovation Challenge

Since 2017, the NATO Innovation Hub and Allied Command Transformation have organized the Innovation Challenge, a biannual competition, open to anyone – individuals, entrepreneurs, start-ups, industry, academia – residing in a member nation.

The Innovation Challenge aims to give NATO creative and effective solutions to new and emerging security challenges.  By organizing these challenges around real-world issues, Allied Command Transformation continues to lead NATO’s transformation and development as continuous and essential drivers of change.

For example, the fall 2020 Innovation Challenge focused on establishing and strengthening trust in autonomous systems. The scenario of this challenge described the situation of employing autonomous systems to meet threats posed to friendly harbors and seaports.  Previous iterations have included tasking solutions for NATO reconnaissance assets, improved aerial radar systems, and robust information support for NATO decision-makers.

The best entries of the NATO Innovation Challenge help inform and support the development of future NATO military doctrine, standards and requirements, and capabilities.

But regardless of the topic, the benefits remain shared and important:


  • Identifying solutions to important issues
  • Boosting open innovation across the Alliance
  • Improving stakeholder engagement and understanding of NATO
  • Building relationships with the global innovation community

For Nations

  • Securing support from the NATO Innovation Network and its large expert community
  • Building collaborative relationships across the Alliance
  • Applying solutions to problems impacting local citizens

For Participants

  • Easily accessible and open to anyone
  • Presenting solutions to experts through extremely simple process
  • Engaging and increasing visibility across the Alliance
  • Chance of winning the challenge, building a business, and expanding professional network

For Winners

  • Securing prizes offered by the organizational partners
  • Showcasing solutions at key NATO events
  • Opportunities to secure funding for further development and adoption

With your help, we know we can efficiently tackle any problem and build a stronger Alliance and more collaborative global innovation community.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing your abstract by November 4!

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