NATO Innovation Challenge enters its second phase.

Meet the 10 Finalists and the Partner Organization

As we approach the U.S.’ Thanksgiving holiday, we are excited to announce our 10 Innovation Challenge finalists – a group of distinguished professionals, academics, and military who have submitted a series of exceptional proposals to “Building trust in Autonomous Systems”.

Our 10 finalists include (in no particular order):

  • Team Aleph Alpha
  • Team CCX Technologies
  • Team General Dynamics Mission System
  • Team MASS Innovation
  • Team Pepeeta
  • Team Royal Military Academy of Belgium
  • Team Ryerson TBS.
  • Team Thales
  • Team University of Michigan
  • Team ZDT

We, of course, are grateful for everyone’s participation – the IChall grows every year, and with it, the breadth and depth of the NATO Innovation Ecosystem.

Speaking of which, the NATO Innovation Challenge series is an important driver for the creation of new participants and partners and the expansion of our network. Each semester, the NATO Innovation Challenge is organized in partnership with a new network member; the current challenge is in partnership with the Italian Defense Innovation Center.

Known as the CID, the Italian Defense Innovation Center is part of the Italian Department of Defense and is focused on the development of an adequate conceptual and doctrinal framework, capable of supporting the transformation process of the national Military Instrument.

According to the CID, the transversal nature of the world of innovation requires greater synergies between the players operating in this area through an Open Innovation, inclusive of institutions, agencies, companies, industries, universities, research centers, startups, etc.

Of particular interest is the CID’s INNOV @ DIFESA project. This key initiative aims to establish, in incremental phases:

  • A multinodal and interdisciplinary network
  • An environment to share know-how and expertise
  • A space to catalyze ideas, projects, methodologies, and solutions in the field of innovation
  • A methodology to anticipate and optimize the defense transformation process by identifying the capacitive gaps and the solutions coming from sectors outside the defense community

Not surprisingly, these overarching elements are entirely aligned with the founding principles of the NATO Innovation Hub and NATO Innovation Network.

With this in mind, it’s an exciting time to be a member; we hope you will consider joining us today!


We also hope you will join us (virtually) – along with our 10 finalists – on 10 December for the final IChall Pitch Day and Award Ceremony!


For more information on the current IChall, please visit us at: