NATO Innovation Network Conference

Online - 9 Nov

NATO Innovation Network Conference Scheduled for Nov. 9 

In our rapidly changing world, the NATO Alliance and its partners are continually preparing for the many challenges that lie ahead.


In that effort, we are united through the NATO Innovation Network – a federation of innovation centers from NATO nations.


Designed to facilitate innovation through effective collaboration and agile methodologies, our mission is to identify and solve emerging challenges throughout the Alliance and beyond.


Members of the NATO Innovation Network share one critical belief: Open innovation strengthens our capacity to solve even the most complex challenges.


As part of open innovation, the NATO Innovation Network embraces solutions from international and non-traditional partners from academia, industry, and civil society – including from entrepreneurial individuals.


The Innovation Network presents members with issues to solve, provides mutual support, and shares best practices and subject matter expertise.


The practice of open innovation allows the NATO Innovation Network to harness the wisdom of crowds and to bring fresh perspectives and solutions to problems faced by NATO.


Therefore, we invite the NATO community to share their most challenging issues and encourage anyone with ingenuity and imagination to join us in solving them.


The NATO Innovation Network Conference on November 9 will focus on the value chain—all the steps needed to make innovation happen and successfully support the defense sector.


Conference sessions will look at open innovation, accelerating innovation, lessons learned, and collaboration with academia.  During the conference defense professionals can find Network experts to help solve problems and get needed support.


Help us in our mission to boost innovation across the Alliance. Join at