Official hand over of the JEDI MVP to AIRCOM

Today, BG Jorgensen (ACOS REQS), officially handed over the JEDI MVP (Joint Terminal Attack Controller Enterprise Data Infrastructure Minimum Viable Product) from HQ SACT to AIRCOM. LTC (US AF) Jonathan LAATSCH (Close Air Support Capability Section Head) accepted the MVP on behalf of AIRCOM.

AIRCOM requested an innovation project to develop “A centralized digital system to track and share JTAC qualifications within NATO and individual Nations”, replacing old style paper logbooks and spreadsheets. The Innovation Hub started this project in March 2021 and used the Agile methodology to deliver incremental versions of the MVP. The MVP is now ready to transition to AIRCOM and users from Allies.

The JEDI MVP was presented at the AIRCOM CAS Conference in May 2022 and was widely accepted by the JTAC community as a tool that they would use to track JTAC training requirements within their Nations. Several National program managers expressed the desire to start using the MVP software immediately. As a result, COM AIRCOM requested support from SACT to further experiment with the JEDI software as their official JTAC qualification-tracking tool through 2024. SACT accepted this request and tasked the Innovation Branch to provide this support.

The collaboration between ACT, AIRCOM, and Allies in the JEDI MVP has proven to be successful. The development of MVPs is an opportunity to kick-start ‘Digital Transformation’, and is proof of the benefit of applying innovative, Agile processes and mind-sets to deliver better and faster for the Alliance.

The Innovation Hub is now investigating with some Allies if they could scale the JEDI MVP in the next years on our Innovation Hub Lab Capacity platform as a multinational capability development effort. This would have a positive effect on Interoperability and Standardization amongst Allies, while speeding up the process to getting capabilities in the hands of Warfighters.

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