SACT Visits the Innovation Hub

First visit of the new Supreme Allied Commander

The Supreme Allied Commander Transformation (SACT), General Philippe Lavigne of the French Air and Space Force, came to the Innovation Hub on Thursday, September 30th. As SACT, General Lavigne “commands Allied Command Transformation and [is] responsible for the transformation of NATO military capabilities over the full range of Alliance military missions,” according to The Official NATO Terminology Database. The General took command only a week before, on Thursday, September 23rd, relieving General André Lanata of the position. 


General Lavigne spent several hours visiting the Innovation Hub to experience the cutting edge work done here and attend a brief on the inner workings and strategies of the Innovation Hub. Girish Nandakumar, the founder and Chief Architect of the The Disruptive Technology Experiment (DTEX) Initiative, shared that, much like the previous two visiting SACTs, General Lavigne seems like “someone who's interested in academic partnerships for innovation.” Nandakumar was also encouraged by the General’s support for partnerships with external entities.

 Earlier that day, the Innovation Hub hosted DTEX v.02 (which you can read about here) and was pleased to show the SACT video footage of the groundbreaking work being done. 

General Lavigne tweeted the next day about his experience at the Innovation hub saying: “I was able to measure the scope of the projects that are carried out there by @NATO_ACT staff for the benefit of @NATO and its member nations.” Followed by explaining that “For the past 10 years, it [The Innovation Hub] has been contributing to NATO's transformation by developing innovative solutions with high added value oriented towards open innovation (innovation challenges, collaboration with industry/academia, studies, and developing a NATO Innovation Network).” If you’d like to follow General Lavigne’s official SACT twitter page, his Twitter handle is @NATO_SACT.