ICHALL23/1 Finalists

The Finalists of the Innovation Challenge are: - The Danish Meteorological Institute from DENMARK with their solution “AI-based automated sea ice services for the Arctic and coastal areas” - MetOcean NiKA from CANADA with their solution “MetOcean NiKA – Advanced acoustic profiling float” - IRSA

ACT Innovation Branch 2022 Year Book

Learn about was achieved, and delivered, in 2022 by the NATO ACT Innovation Branch. The 2022 Year Book lists and explains the products and achievements of the year.

DOLOS Challenge

The Bundeswehr Cyber Innovation Hub is on the hunt for innovative solutions within the start-up ecosystem and developments from Intrapreneurs from within the Bundeswehr. The DOLOS Challenge aims to find innovations in the field of AI/ML-based recognition or the deception of such systems. Learn more

SACT participates in a DTEX

On October 31st, General Lavigne, the Supreme Allied Commander Transformation (SACT), visited the NATO Innovation Hub for an exhibition of the Disruptive Technology Experiment (DTEX). The NATO Innovation Hub leads the DTEX initiative in partnership with the NATO Center for Maritime Research and

Meet the Finalists

10 Finalists have been selected out of a large number of participants. BAH Tech InfusionTeam BWI innoX digiMTeam BWI innoX + SECLOUS NVDTeam GISAIATeam Infodas GmbhTeam Kinnami-University of NebraskaTeam Rebellion DefenseTeam UNISTTeam WilNorTeam ZPIIC Watch them pitch their solutions live online on

Saint-Cyr hosts a DTEX in collaboration with the Innovation Hub

On May 17, the ‘École spéciale militaire de Saint-Cyr,’ more commonly known as Saint-Cyr, hosted a Disruptive Technology Experiment (DTEX) event in one of its classrooms in collaboration with the NATO Innovation Hub. Saint-Cyr is France's foremost military academy for officers and was originally

NATO Innovation Network Conference

NATO Innovation Network Conference Scheduled for Nov. 9 In our rapidly changing world, the NATO Alliance and its partners are continually preparing for the many challenges that lie ahead. In that effort, we are united through the NATO Innovation Network – a federation of innovation centers from NATO

Why Cognitive Warfare?

NATO’s Allied Command Transformation and Innovation Hub in Norfolk, Va., are hosting an important competition in Ottawa, Canada: The Allies are looking for ways to defend the cognitive dimension against adversaries who are rapidly deploying into that space. NATO’s “shark tank” Innovation Challenge

Finding the Best Solutions for the Hardest Problems

Since 2017, the NATO Innovation Hub and Allied Command Transformation have organized the Innovation Challenge, a biannual competition, open to anyone – individuals, entrepreneurs, start-ups, industry, academia – residing in a member nation. The Innovation Challenge aims to give NATO creative and

Countering Cognitive Attacks

As many of you know from our Blog, LinkedIn, and Twitter feed, the NATO Innovation Hub’s Fall 2021 Innovation Challenge is underway – and in full cooperation with this semester’s host, The Department of National Defense of Canada. The NATO Innovation Challenge series is an important driver for the

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