VWU supports Critical Thinking

Virginia Wesleyan University students support NATO Critical Thinking skills development

8 Nov 2022, a class of some 30 students of the Honors College at VWU gather with their professors for a special event. They are pitching their solutions to boost the Critical Thinking skills in NATO.

As part of their Cognitive Project, NATO Innovation Hub has been exploring solutions to ensure Cognitive Superiority. While this project addresses institutional processes, and related technologies, one of its main goals is to boost individual critical thinking skills. This goal is pursued through an open online course on Critical Thinking, and a community of practice, where members can practice and improve their skills with the support of peers and experts.

Virginia Wesleyan University stepped up to support this effort, providing subject matter expertise, and through making it a class project to develop novel ways to boost critical thinking.

The students are pitching their solutions, and NATO IH staff is providing them with expert feedback.

“The four solutions presented today are highly relevant to our objectives. They will be leveraged by NATO in the near future” says the NATO IH representative.

In line with its principles of Open Innovation and Agile Development, the Innovation Hub will support the students for the development of their solutions and their implementation within the NATO project.