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ACT Innovation Branch 2022 Year Book

Learn about was achieved, and delivered, in 2022 by the NATO ACT Innovation Branch. The 2022 Year Book lists and explains the products and achievements of the year.

DOLOS Challenge

The Bundeswehr Cyber Innovation Hub is on the hunt for innovative solutions within the start-up ecosystem and developments from Intrapreneurs from within the Bundeswehr. The DOLOS Challenge aims to find innovations in the field of AI/ML-based recognition or the deception of such systems. Learn more

VWU supports Critical Thinking

Virginia Wesleyan University students support NATO Critical Thinking skills development 8 Nov 2022, a class of some 30 students of the Honors College at VWU gather with their professors for a special event. They are pitching their solutions to boost the Critical Thinking skills in NATO. As part of

SACT participates in a DTEX

On October 31st, General Lavigne, the Supreme Allied Commander Transformation (SACT), visited the NATO Innovation Hub for an exhibition of the Disruptive Technology Experiment (DTEX). The NATO Innovation Hub leads the DTEX initiative in partnership with the NATO Center for Maritime Research and

Official hand over of the JEDI MVP to AIRCOM

Today, BG Jorgensen (ACOS REQS), officially handed over the JEDI MVP (Joint Terminal Attack Controller Enterprise Data Infrastructure Minimum Viable Product) from HQ SACT to AIRCOM. LTC (US AF) Jonathan LAATSCH (Close Air Support Capability Section Head) accepted the MVP on behalf of AIRCOM. AIRCOM