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NATO Innovation Challenge Finalists' Spotlight

With the NATO Innovation Challenge Pitch Day approaching, finalists have been chosen and teams are getting ready to present their innovative solutions. We are going to put some teams in the spotlight and show what they bring to the table. This week, it is Team Quantum Aviation Ltd. The team’s

Winners' Spotlight: Old Dominion University Engineering Management Team

The Old Dominion University Engineering Management Team competed in 2017’S Innovation Challenge with their solution, iHELP. They won. Here is their story. Tell us a little bit about your project. The idea of the project is to use advanced methods of computer simulation and optimization to help

Cyberpsychology, Topics proposal

Proposal of topics to be considered in relation to the scientific theme “Cyberpsychology” Bernard CLAVERIE, ENSC - Bordeaux INP (France) Barbara KOWALCZUK - IUT - Bordeaux University (France) Cyberpsychology can be defined as the study of mental phenomena related to cyber-systems and their context

NATO Innovation Challenge

Calling all innovators: NATO Innovation Challenge open Paris (France) and Norfolk (US), 28 March 2018 – NATO Innovation Hub and the French Ministry of Defense have launched the second NATO Innovation Challenge, a global contest culminating in a pitch day at the Ecole Militaire in Paris on 29 May