The Human Environment Capability is NATO’s capability to understand and efficiently interact with the human environment

The human environment of an operation consists of all the people impacting the operation. It includes the local populations and authorities together with domestic and global public opinions, the friendly and enemy forces.

The human environment assets consist of all the capabilities, functions, concepts and processes contributing to understand, operationalize, adapt to, and engage the human environment.

This includes but is not limited to:

Capabilities :

PSYOPS – Psychological Operations

CIMIC – Civil-Military Cooperation

HTS – Human Terrain System

ISTAR - Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition, and Reconnaissance

Functions :

INFO OPS – Information Operations

STRATCOM – Strategic Communication

Cultural Advisors

CCOMC – Comprehensive Crisis and Operations Management Centre

Concepts :

COIN Doctrine – Counterinsurgency Doctrine

CA – Comprehensive Approach

CMI – Civil-Military Interaction

JISR – Joint Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance

Processes :

Knowledge Development

COPD – Comprehensive Operational Planning Directive.

CCOM Process - Comprehensive Crisis and Operations Management