Academia is an IH most trusted partner

Collaboration can take many different forms:

Subject Matter Expertise

Faculty, Students and Staff can contribute their expertise to any open project/initiative

See landing page for ongoing initiatives

Project or Event Partnership

An Academic Institution can partner with IH for the organization of a project or an event. This provides the partner with maximum visibility from the event and maximum influence on the project.

Examples: ENSC (France) and Norfolk State University co-organized the Cyber Psychology Project

I4D - Innovation For Defense

Universities can make solving a NATO issue part of their student curriculum. With the support of a NATO mentor, the professors will guide their students towards solving a concrete issue over one or more semester.


Penn State University developed the Extended Hand solution

Johns Hopkins University and Czech Technical University have been developing solutions in the field of Disinformation, Military Medical Support and Cognitive Warfare projects

Internships - Onsite and Online

All universities can assign online interns to the innovation hub

Onsite interns are welcome pending the signature of an agreement between NATO SACT and the University

NATO Virtual Academy

Anyone can learn from NATO experts live online, anytime, anywhere.