Dynamic Messenger (DYMS) is a new series of NATO Operational Experimental exercises focused on maritime unmanned systems. Its goal is to promote and evaluate new technologies at sea, under and above the surface, potentially including cyber and space areas. The first edition DYMS 22runs from 23-30 September 2022 off the coast of Portugal.

During DYMS 22, NATO Allied Command Transformation Innovation Hub is experimenting and demonstrating a series of new products and processes.

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Lime 711

Light and Interoperable naval Mine counter measure tool for data Exchange and exploitation in accordance with NATO standards AHP 7 and APP 11.


ACT Innovation developed Automated Web Analyzer, Raker, and Exploiter (AWARE), to improve situational awareness for Allied decision-makers. Originally designed for the NATO intelligence community, it has the potential to be used for multiple other applications by other NATO entities and national organisations.


OCAT is a functional prototype and a scalable solution. It can be succesfully used for collecting observations in any network environment and supports data analysis, eliminating the manual transfer of observations into the NATO LL Portal.


In order to deliver new solutions at a fast pace,NATO needs the capability to test them and de-risk them very quickly. The response to this need is DTEX, an online distributed simulation that adapt to any operational environment and scenario.