"Cognition is the foundation of human behavior. It is the center of gravity; and it is a target under permanent assaults"

Brands need to build customer loyalty; politicians need to gain the support of the populations; bosses need to boost the motivation of their employees; and eventually, everyone wants to be appreciated by their neighbors. Influencing other humans’ behavior is the goal of so many human activities. The best way to have people behave the way you want, without coercion, is to shape how they understand their environment and then make decisions. The best way is to shape their cognition!

Fostering accurate understanding of the environment and objective decision making is what we are aiming at. At society level, it is the key to a stable and peaceful world.

Join this open project, share insights, learn from each other, and develop new solutions to improve COGNITION.

Everyone is welcome, expertise in science, technology and processes related to cognition are highly valued.

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