Cognitive Warfare brings the New Third Operational Dimension,

besides the cyber and the physical ones.

How should NATO adjust to it and face the challenges that come with it?

After an initial study that defines the concept and identifies the challenges, NATO Innovation Hub invites everyone to contribute to the Solution Design Phase.

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Cognitive - a 6th domain of operations

A fiction by August Cole and Hervé Le Guyader

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 Cognitive warfare embodies the idea of combat without fighting. Mastering the cognitive domain constitutes a new major stake indispensable to the generation of combat power.

The Cognitive Domain is a new space of competition, beyond the land, maritime, air, cybernetic and spatial domains. Warfare in the cognitive domain mobilizes a different and wide range of strategies, tools, and techniques. Its very essence is to seize control of places, groups, units, organizations, and nations, by targeting and affecting the brains of their personnel, civilian as well as military.

Cognitif un sixie domaine d'operations

Une fiction d'Hervé Le Guyader et August Cole

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