CRITICAL THINKING TRAINING and DECISION MAKING PROCESS are the topics of this online workshop.

It aims at developing innovative solutions for NATO and its partners. (online training, decision making processes and tools)

It is open to all, and specially welcoming civilian experts and military practitionners in Critical Thinking and Organizational Decision Making Processes.


In support of the workshop, insights on the decision making processes are collected, and discussed in advance through an asynchronous ideation exercise starting on 14 Mar.

>> Register for the ideation exercise at [email protected]


  • CRITICAL THINKING TRAINING, March 23, 09:00 to 14:00 EDT
    • How to teach critical thinking? Presentation of the current assumptions by the project team
    • Proposed methodology
    • Teaching objectives
    • Individual and group exercises
    • Scenarios
    • Audiences: military and other
  • DECISION MAKING PROCESS, March 24, 09:00 to 14:00 EDT
    • Best practice of decision making processes
    • supporting tools and techniques
    • Challenges of the military decsion making processes
    • Potential improvements
    • Future experimentation of innovative solutions in NATO

>> Register for the workshop at [email protected]

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