Join the expert panel and discuss

Which aspects of Cyber Psychology should NATO address and how?

Academic Lead : ENSC




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09:05 Admin Intro
09:10 Project and Workshop Objectives
09:15 Scoping Cyber Psychology
09:25 Topics presentation and discussion
12:25 Conclusions: Recommendations to NATO
12:55 Way ahead
13:00 End of the online session
Topics and Speakers Read Ahead in workshop presentations and references
About this workshop  
Scoping Cyber Psychology    
Dr. Bernard Claverie
Ecole Nationale Superieure de Cognitique
Bordeaux, France
Dr. Barbara Kowalczuk
Université de Bordeaux
Virtual Reality    

Dr. Gráinne Kirwan
Department of Technology and Psychology

Social Dynamics    
Dr Char Sample
Cyber Security Researcher
Fellow at ICF International
People and Technology    
Dr. Norbou Buchler
Cyber & Networked Systems, Team Lead
Human Research & Engineering Directorate 
Army Research Laboratory
Dr. Max Kilger
Information Systems & Cyber Security
University of Texas at San Antonio
Cyber Defense / Security    
Dr. Tom Holt
School of Criminal Justice
Michigan State University
Dr. David Maimon
Georgia State University
Dr. Scott Debb
Norfolk State University
Trust in Cyberspace