NATO Innovation Hub developed the DTEX as one tool within its program aiming at test and assess new technologies and concept.


To assess opportunities and challenges resulting from new technologies and concept in an efficient but very fast way through simulation and open innovation.


  • The DTEX initiative combines wargaming techniques with open innovation techniques to feed an agile development process focused on solving operational problems 
  • The inputs needed for a DTEX are a problem statement and a set of potential solutions (usually sourced through open innovation techniques such as challenges, hackathons, etc.)
  • DTEX events usually involve the end-user (eg. operators) as the participants to make sure the ideas are evaluated by those who will actually use it
  • Other types of participants such as subject matter experts, young students from relevant fields, etc. are also included in the teams to blend different perspectives
  • Through gamified approaches, DTEX brings out creative ideas from all participants
  • The primary output of a DTEX is a ranked list of the solutions based on how well they solve the problem at hand
  • DTEX events also produce new ideas by combining elements from different ideas or by improving the original ideas
  • The latest Information technology supports the participants interactions and collaboration, and enable the experiment to be attended from anywhere.
  • Digital simulation of the operational environment is also developed and leveraged where needed.