Anyone can individually register for the challenge. Each member of a team has to register individually.


Online participants are welcome.


Each Participant agrees on the Challenge Official Rules.


A participant can only be on one team.

Teams of one are welcome.

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A team can submit more than one abstract.



The challenge scenario centers around assisting a major metropolitan area to stabilize and recover from a breakdown in civil order after being struck by a super storm. For this exercise, we will use a hypothetical coastal city, similar in its characteristics to Norfolk, Virginia, but in an isolated location.



Abstracts and Solutions should address one or more of the following topics,

  • Medicine
  • Security
  • Logistics
  • Energy

Selection and pre-selection

Based on the Abstracts, Teams are preselected on 28 Sep to compete and present their Solutions between 25-27 Oct.

Winning teams are selected on 27 Oct.


  • Potential impact of proposed solution on challenge topics
  • Customer validation for proposed solution
  • Innovativeness
  • Level of demonstration of proposed solution
  • Viability of bringing the solution to market

Prizes include,

Up to $ 15,000 development contract

Presentation of the solution at a NATO-wide event at NATO’s expense.

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