Successful Autonomous Systems Seminar despite Local Snow Storm

ACT PAO04 February 2014Published on 05 February 2014

140130axs01-250Rare snow and ice shock did not deter the HQ SACT hosted Multinational Capability Development Campaign (MCDC) Autonomous Systems (AxS) Seminar held at the Founders' Inn on 28-30 January 2014 in Virginia Beach. The event was led by HQ SACT Operational Experimentation Branch (OPEX) and supported by other Deputy Chief of Staff Capability Development (DCOS CD) Branches.

Attendees included a wide array of internationally recognised specialists brought together to examine legal, operational, technological and human aspects of military robots and systems with autonomous capabilities.

"It was imperative that we met despite the challenging weather," said Commander Sylwester Filipczak, Polish-Navy and NATO-ACT MCDC National Director and AxS Focus Area Lead. "We wanted to ensure we leveraged the collective knowledge and expertise which supports both HQ SACT and MCDC objectives." HQ SACT Go-to-Meeting web service provided virtual access to those international experts and military personnel unable to travel or affected by the local inclement weather.140130axs02-200

"The Seminar output will assist in informing policy considerations on future development," said Dr. Candace Eshelman-Haynes, NATO ACT Human and Ethical Aspects Study Area Lead. MCDC and NATO HQ SACT will benefit from an improved understanding of Autonomous Systems and policy guidance is expected to be delivered through the conclusion of the MCDC campaign in late 2014.