It is clear that modern conflicts occur within the population.  Affecting more deeply the lives of the innocent civilians and making them less bystanders but also victims and participants. So as the nature of conflict has changed, a military superiority is no longer enough to win a war or, even maintain peace. Armed forces must gain and retain the cooperation of the population by ensuring security and delivering conditions for economic growth.

One tool to achieve this goal is the integration of a gender perspective into the operational planning process. We must be sure that, at each step of an operation, the conclusions of the Gender Analysis are taken into account.  This will help ensure better protection of women, girls, and boys; increase security in the conflict area: create the conditions of stability and economic development. To achieve this goal, NATO must not only change its planning process, but also its mindset.

Education and Training are the best tool to implement these new concepts. Thus ACT has developed a comprehensive Gender Education and Training system. We are now able to analyze the gaps and shortfalls of Gender in operations, and fill these gaps through relevant courses and exercises. The Nordic Centre for Gender in Military Operations is our ‘Gender School’ and works to build the best curricula for implementation and mainstreaming of Gender.


The aim of this workshop is twofold:

-        First: collect all examples of how a gender perspective contributes to operational effectiveness and improves the security situation. To this end, we need examples from a variety of environments: from militaries, civilians, IOs, NGOs, women, and men. These examples are key to proving the point that a Gender Perspective is a force multiplier.

-        Second: identify all the Education and Training materials/examples that could help NATO train its personal.


In this forum we will share our vision, our experiences, and examples that we will use to illustrate implementation in our courses and to develop scenarios for exercises.

We will also share all current and planned training solutions.

It is ACT Commander’s sincere belief that the NATO concept of integrating a Gender Perspective will increase in visibility and be strengthened by your contributions.

Protecting civilians during a military operation and increasing the participation of women in peace-building processes are values we all support and have worked hard to achieve.  Let’s spend a little of our time together to share our successes and plant the seed for even more in the future.