The NATO Innovation Challenge allows everyone to make solution proposals to NATO priority challenges.

After review by the expert pre-selection board, the best proposals are pitched in front of the Jury.

While winners are granted a monetary prize, all solutions are considered for NATO development support.

The Innovation Challenge, organized every semester in a different nation, also contributes to expanding the defense innovation ecosystem and the NATO Innovation Network.

What are the benefits?

For Participants

  • Easily accessible and open to anyone
  • Presenting solutions to experts through extremely simple process
  • Engaging and increasing visibility across the Alliance
  • Chance of winning the challenge, building a business, and expanding professional network

For Winners

  • Securing prizes offered by the organizational partners
  • Showcasing solutions at key NATO events
  • Opportunities to secure funding for further development and adoption

For Nations

  • Securing support from the NATO Innovation Network and its large expert community
  • Building collaborative relationships across the Alliance
  • Applying solutions to problems impacting local citizens


  • Identifying solutions to important issues
  • Boosting open innovation across the Alliance
  • Improving stakeholder engagement and understanding of NATO
  • Building relationships with the global innovation community