Crisis Management, Disaster Relief, or Collective Defense, NATO operations entail coordinating the actions of a large number of partners, governmental, non-governmental, or private. Resources of any type contributed by diverse stakeholders have to be optimized in order to meet the operational requirements. iHelp is the tool that integrates and optimizes all support requests and all available resources into the best operational support plan.

Winner of the NATO Innovation Challenge, iHelp is the Resources Allocation Optimization Solution for operational needs.

You can leverage iHelp


  • Runs Simulations and Optimizations of the resource allocation plan
  • Easily integrates resources and contributions from any origin, organization, or entity
  • Handles material and personnel resources, including volunteers
  • Social Media Analytics: Harvest and exploit social media to identify support requests and disruption of the supply routes
  • Weather Module: Forecasts the impact of extreme weather on the supply plan
  • Can run web-based or on proprietary servers
  • Connects with deployed users through devices