Innovation Challenge Winners

Allied Command Transformation hosts innovation challenge in France

Allied Command Transformation partnered with the French armed forces general staff to host the final stage of the Innovation Challenge in Paris on May 29.

During the event, DATAIKU, a young start-up, received the top award and noteworthy recognition for their innovative software design constructed to help manage and prioritize data to give clients a board overview of any situation.

DATAIKU’s solution allows a data scientist who is a member of the operational centre to use Data Science Studio (DSS) to provide an intelligence cell and commander an in-depth analysis of operational areas and trends of data flow. DSS utilizes an automate satellite or aerial imagery surveillance to obtain information.

“Data itself has no value, unless you extract the information that exists within,” said one of the Innovation Challenge finalists.

All Innovation Challenge candidates shared this perspective and showcased the initiative during a fictitious scenario where a NATO peace enforcement operation faced an unknown disease. This situation provided an opportunity for candidates to analyse consequences related to the crisis striking an already weakened population and discuss possible solutions.

In addition to the 25,000-euros, awarded by the French Armed Forces, DATAIKU will be invited to attend the Chiefs of Transformation Conference which will be organised December 2018 in Norfolk, Virginia.

Allied Command Transformation welcomed DATAIKU onto the innovation stage and will assist this team establish contacts with future clients.

The German Armed Forces, another partner of Allied Command Transformation for the Innovation Challenge, awarded ARIO, a team from Norfolk, Virginia in the United States. ARIO presented the use of augmented reality for digital platforms. This technology overlays data on the physical world by using a mobile application and web portal.

During his keynote to conclude the challenge, General Denis Mercier, Supreme Allied Commander Transformation, congratulated all the participants and applauded the 10 finalists. He also stressed that innovation helps develop future products to improve the defence and security posture of the NATO Alliance.

Written by Allied Command Transformation Public Affairs

DATAIKU won the French MOD and NATO SACT prizes

ARIO won the German MOD Cyber Innovatin Hub prize


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