JTAC Enterprise Data Infrastructure (JEDI) 

A digital tool to track, access and store JTAC qualification requirements.

JEDI optimizes tracking of JTACs for the leadership in real time:

• PMs can get an up-to-date organization overview from their JEDI home page
• PMs and supervisors can quickly see the status of JTACs they manage.

JEDI Assists JTACs in capturing and tracking currencies and qualification:

• Qualification status can be understood at a glance, eliminating manual counting of various expiration dates.
• JEDI supports JTACs by reminding them of upcoming or expired currencies.
• Tracks all currencies digitally in one place, backing them up. 
• Optimized for both desktop and mobile.

As of Fall 2022, JEDI MVP is a functioning demonstrator able to reliably track Controls, METLs, Designation Letters, and Evaluations. The JEDI MVP will inform requirements for the NATO Common Funded Capability Delivery Governance Model (long term). 

The JEDI MVP is a scalable solution that can be further developed by interested parties: the Innovation Hub is looking for partners from the NATO Command Structure and Allies to cooperate in the short/ medium term (starting in Fall 2022).

We are currently looking for early adopters to test and collaborate on the further development of JEDI.

  To set up a private demo, or get access to the JEDI MVP, email:  jedi@innovationhub-act.org.