Mitigating and Responding to Cognitive Warfare

Virtual Workshop at TIDESPRINT - 4 April


The Cognitive Workshop Team from the Scientific Track would like to invite you to participate in a workshop on 4 April 2022, during the NATO ACT Tide Sprint conference 4-8 April 2022, to identify Science and Technology (S&T) required to better defend against Cognitive Warfare.  This will be a Hybrid meeting, so you are encouraged to participate virtually. 


The uncertainty of today’s global security environment, as evidenced by the recent Russia/Ukraine conflict, serves as an example of the influence and impact of Cognitive Warfare (CogWar) in the 21st Century.  CogWar can be viewed as a means of shaping the global geopolitical strategic environment by influencing and manipulating human perspectives and behavior in support of an adversary’s strategic objectives.  “Trust” therefore can be regarded as a target and an essential component of CogWar in which the human is a vulnerable target. Misinformation and disinformation campaigns, are targeting trust amongst individuals, societies, and nations. Misinformation and disinformation, poisoned datasets, etc., may be integrated within artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) networks or database that are trusted in order to influences human thought and behavior towards supporting adversarial strategic agendas. The human can unwittingly be shaped into thoughts and behaviors that are aligned with those of our adversaries.

CogWar highlights the need to identify and invest in the development of the requisite Science and Technology tools, techniques, and technologies to defend and secure the CogWar environment.  The NATO CogWar workshop will focus on identifying vulnerabilities in the operational Observe, Orient, Decide, and Act (OODA) loop decision cycle and then determine the  S&T  efforts in Cognitive Neuroscience, Cognitive and Behavioral Science, Psychological Interventions, and Social and Cultural issues (including Social, Cultural, and Emotional Intelligence) required to defend against an adversary’s messaging and prevent them from gaining a strategic advantage. Advances in technologies e.g. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Information and Communication technologies also play a pivotal role in the operational OODA loop decision-making framework and serve as enablers or adversarial campaigns that can be spread globally to shape human thought and behavior and to influence and destabilize.
The workshop will provide a lens for examining the potential gaps and vulnerabilities in the decision framework, as well as identify S&T tools and technologies to defend against CogWar. The NATO CogWar workshop session will determine a means of mitigating and responding to emerging threats in 21st Century Cognitive Warfare.


Dr. Janet M. Blatny (NOR, Chair), Norwegian Defence Research establishment (FFI); Dr. Yvonne R. MASAKOWSKI (USA, Co-Chair), US Naval War College 


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