Advances in learning technology and techniques allow the provision of efficient and cheap learning experience to unlimited audiences. This is an opportunity that NATO Transformation Command wants to leverage at its full extent within the development of the

NATO Future Online Learning Vision

All experts in learning, military and civilians, are invited to

- Share insights with the project team;

- Discuss findings of the 25 to 27 Apr webinar;
- Share the study findings and report.
The project collects and analyses all relevant material : Theories, Concept, Methodologies, Tools, Techniques; and develops a world wide network of experts and institutions in support of the study.Study


The webinar allowed experts to discuss options for NATO Future Online Learning.
It was conducted conducted in Norfolk, Virginia, and online from 25 to 27 Apr (more information)


Share your inputs in the Forum


Based on the study and webinar findings, this vision statement for NATO Future Online Learning infoms the development of NATO Future Online Learning Environment.

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