Innovative solutions are sought at any level of technical readiness, from the concept stage, to mature technologies that have not yet been applied in this domain. 
Solutions may address all or some of the issues.
The NATO Innovation Challenge is looking for innovations and new solutions in three potential areas:
  1. Data filtering and fusing 
How to establish the data sources required to support planning and decision making? 
How to improve data filtering to eliminate ambient noise and keep only useful data?
How to store and structure heterogeneous data to allow its exploitation and valuation with a focus on: 
· How to cross old and recent data.
· How to avoid data loss, especially during a hand-over phase.
· How to facilitate data access for authorized users.
. How to fuse data of different size and format (audio, video, etc…)
  1. Visualization 
Visualization enables both relational analysis and optimal presentation and analysis of information. 
We want to find some solutions that give meaning to our data in order to enable a faster and better decision-making process, to help finding ideas or simply to learn how to better visualize our own data.
  1. Predictive analytics 
This is the ability to cross heterogeneous data in order to detect weak signals, and identify trends and dynamics. 
We are looking for a decision support system based on predictive analytics that could enable the detection of early warning signs, to understand, analyze and anticipate the behavior of an enemy whatever it may be (individuals, boat, tank, etc…).