NATO Innovation Challenge Finalists' Spotlight


With the NATO Innovation Challenge Pitch Day approaching, finalists have been chosen and teams are getting ready to present their innovative solutions. 

We are going to put some teams in the spotlight and show what they bring to the table. 

This week, it is Team Quantum Aviation Ltd.

The team’s problem to solve is how to procure a holistic, scalable and capable counter-unmanned aerial systems solution able to detect, alert, identify, track and mitigate small commercial multi rotor drones through to heavier fixed-wing targets.

Their solution is Quantum Aviation’s TITANIUM C-UAS system; an integrated solution combining a series of COTS best-of-breed detectors and effectors which enables users to mitigate the broadest range of UAS threats. When the technological solution is married to the Quantum team’s real-world airspace security experience across global events and military counter-terrorism projects, the result is a compelling holistic solution.

Quantum Aviation Ltd is a UK-based services and consultancy company specialising in aviation security, helicopter operations, safety management, search & rescue, maritime aviation and training. Leveraging unparalleled real-world operational experience in counter-terrorism, airspace security and aviation training and operations, the company provides services in several areas but specialises in counter UAS systems solutions.

Martin Lanni - CEO

Martin is a former pilot who flew in the Royal Navy for over 26 years, specialising in search and rescue and counter-terrorism. Away from flying helicopters he has been a NATO desk officer in JFC Naples, responsible for enhancing NATO and EU counter-terrorism cooperation; he was head of programming for British naval assets in Bahrain in support of counter-terror and anti-piracy operations and was a lead air planner in a Joint military/civil team for the airspace security operation for the London 2012 Olympic Games. The founder and CEO of Quantum Aviation and Quantum Airspace Security, he leads a small but capable team of resourceful and innovative former-military staff who deliver experience and technological solutions to clients globally. 

Will Robley - CTO

Will has a recent background of military aviation as a senior military flying training manager and flying instructor/examiner. He has a vast range of flying experience and qualifications in many different theatres from 25 years of accident free flying around the globe. A technically minded innovator and free thinker, his key strengths and qualities lie in project management and delivery. As Chief Technical Officer of Quantum Airspace Security he is responsible for creating and integrating counter UAS systems whilst balancing clients’ budgets against appetite for Risk. A recent example of his solutionising; the radar system’s vertical field of view (FoV) was too limited for a governmental client. The OEM’s answer was simply to double the number of radar panels - Will’s solution saw the FoV increase to hemispherical but for a fraction of the cost of the manufacturer’s solution. 

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