1. Local discussions can be organised in non-NATO countries only.
  2. Only one local discussion per country will be supported by NATO Innovation Hub.
  3. Contact us to check out whether you qualify to organise a local meeting.
  4. When the meeting is approved, you are provided with the initial draft questionnaire in English.
  5. Together with NATO Innovation Hub, you agree on any amendment to the questionnaire so that it fits better your audience.
  6. You translate the questionnaire in your audience language.
  7. Togehter with NATO Innovation Hub, you agree on the meeting place and time and on the information campaign.
  8. If agreed and possible, the meeting is announced through NATO Innovation Hub online media channels.
  9. On the meeting day, you host minimum 15 people representative of the local culture, and moderate discussions on the agreed questions during minimum two hours.
  10. If agreed and possible, the meeting is webcasted live.
  11. You collect the media material that you want (photos, videos, audio, article ...) for NATO Innovation Hub to publish through it online media channels.
  12. You provide a written report of the discussions that answers the questions in English before 15th June 2017.
  13. You receive the NATO Innovation Hub World Stability Campaign Certificate.

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