NATO Innovation Hub Project and Product list

2012Human Environment CapabilityReport and Knowledge Base
2013Extended HandExtended Hand Cross Cultural Training and Situation Awareness solution
2013Social Media for NATOReport
2013Autonomous Systems ImplicationsPolicy Paper
2014Cross Cultural CompetenceCross Cultural Trainings
2014Social Media trainingNATO Social Media user MOOC 
2014Countering Autonomous SystemsConcept
2015Strategic ForesightReport
2016Insights for Allied ReachReport
2016Future Online LearningNATO Virtual Academy
2016Gender TrainingConflict Based Sexual and Gender Based Violence Online Course
2017Stability PolicingReport
2017Cyber AwarenessReport
2018Cyber PsychologyReport
2018Virtual Reality for NATO Command and ControlExperiments
2019Artificial IntelligenceReport
2019ResilienceRegional Resilience Assessment Tool
2019iHelp - Intelligent Holistic Emergency Logistics PlatformiHelp App
2019JIGSAW - Air refuelling plannerJIGSAW - Tool
2020COVID 19COVID 19 Accountability Tool
2020Cognitive WarfareReport and Knowledge Base
2020DTEX - Disruptive Technology ExperimentExperimentation Environment
2020Trust and Autonomous SystemsReport
2020KRADOS for NATOKRADOS applications
2020Warfighting 2040Report
2020Sleep RegulationExperiments
2020TEXAS Tasking Exploitation Assessment SystemTEXAS system
2021LIME 711LIME 711
2021Artificial Intelligence support to HUMINTReport
2021Circuit BreakerCircuit Breaker App
2021Cognitive Warfare dashboardCW dashboard
2021Situational Awareness for Decision MakersAWARE Automated Web Analyzer, Raker and Exploiter tool
2021Online Translation Technology Report
2022Psychology support to HUMINTOngoing
2022Assisted Decsion MakingOngoing
2022Critical ThinkingNATO Critical thinking online pilot Course
2022Wargaming Initiative for NATOExpert Community
2022Allied 3D VaultOngoin
2022JEDI JTAC Enterprise Data InfrastructureJEDI tool
2022Cyber Security Situation AwarenessCYSAT tool
2022CASA Collect Analyze Share ApplicationCASA Application
2022ROCK Repository of Critical KnowledgeROCK Repository
2022OCAT Observation, Collection and Analysis ToolOCAT Tool
2022NI2CE MessengerMessenger App