Besides boosting innovation, the main mission of the Innovation Hub is to solve problems submitted by anyone in NATO.

If you are in the military or a NATO staff, you are entitled to submit a support request

All Innovation Hub members can contribute to the problem solving process. Register

Each project starts with a question or an issue submitted by a military of NATO staff, and prioritized by Allied Command Transformation.

Projects meant to go through the whole process will deliver a Minimum Viable Product validated by the end user in maximum 12 months.

The process includes three successive phases: Understand, Solution Design, Solution Development

Some projects, depending on their nature and NATO's expectations, might go through part of the process.

The process leverages two specific innovation methodologies: Open Innovation and Agile Development

OPEN INNOVATION - Any one, Academia, industry and the public is welcome and encouraged to participate

UNDERSTANDING phase - NATO does not assume that it understands the issue or the environment, but asks everyone to educate them on what it is, from many different angles of approach.

This phases produces a report describing the issue, its environment, and making recommendations for the next phases. It also builds an expert community that will support the whole process.

SOLUTION DESIGN phase - Selected recommendations from the Understanding phase will be furthered detailed into solution concepts.

AGILE DEVELOPMENT - This industry standard is based on the fast, spiral development of many prototypes in direct and frequent coordination with the end-user.

SOLUTION DEVELOPMENT phase - Selected concepts from the Solution Design phase are turned into MVP through an Agile Development methodology. This often requires contracting out the needed experts.