On 24-26 June 2015, the Strategic Foresight Brainstorming initial findings were discussed, elaborated upon and exploited through an online videoconference.


Exploit and further elaborate on the ideas gathered during the online brainstorming

Answer the questions

  • What significant changes are expected over the 15 coming years?
  • What is the impact on stability and security?

Draft the brainstorming report


(EDT time zone)

24 June :
- 0830-1300 : Politics, Human Aspects (initial discussion topics : Politics - Human)
- 1400-1500 : Methodology (initial discussion topics : Methodology)
25 June :
- 0830-1300 : Environment, Economy, Technology
- 1400-1500 : Tools and Techniques
26 June :
- 0830-1200 : The Future, Workshop way ahead



Read the Report


  • All the online forum participants are invited to join the videoconference online or onsite to elaborate on the forum findings and bring new insights in the debate.
  • Join the live discussions on GoToMeeting
  • The onsite event is hosted at the Innovation Hub offices in Norfolk VA.
  • The workshop is broadcasted over the internet on Livestream