The deployment of autonomous systems is expected to exponentially increase in the near future. The use of these systems will enable both military and commercial organizations to execute tasks and accomplish missions more quickly and effectively while reducing risks to human operators and costs. Since the use of autonomous systems is still relatively new, there are challenges associated with trusting these systems. Without operators in direct control of all actions, there are significant concerns associated with endangering human lives or damaging equipment. This project seeks to identify ways to improve decision-maker and operator trust when deploying autonomous systems, and de-risk their adoption.


> IDEATION: Fall 2020. the NATO Innovation Challenge gathered 60+ SOLUTION PROPOSALS in response to this challenge

> SOLUTION DESIGN - Spring 2021, the proposals are being analyzed and combined into the best SOLUTION CONCEPTS for NATO

> SOLUTION DEVELOPMENT - Fall 2021, the best SOLUTION CONCEPTS will be developped and experimented

> VALIDATION - 2022, SOLUTION PROTOTYPES will be validated during exercises or simulation