Security in Cyberspace starts with Trust and Information Sharing

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10-11 October

Share and discuss ideas in the forum - Project intermediary Report


10 Oct - Human Behavior Aspects

Research and modeling aspects of human behavior that impact trust and information sharing in cyberspace


Daniele Vernon-Bido (ODU): Modeling Humans in Cyber: theories, models, and challenges 

Char Sample (ARL): The Role of Cultural Values in Cyber Security

Grainne Kirwan (IADT, Ireland): Privacy and Trust in Online Environments

Mike Bernard (Sandia) – Sociocultural Behavior Influence in Cyberspace : Current Assessment Work and Research Frontiers



11 Oct - Technological Aspects: Blockchain Solutions

Blockchain solutions for information sharing. Specifically, how blockchain technology can facilitate anonymized sharing of cyber incidents


Sachin Shetty (ODU) and Deepak Tosh(NSU): A Blockchain-based Trusted Information Sharing Framework 

Lt. Val Red (AFRL) & Aziz Mohasein (UCF): Blockchain Security and Privacy Challenges

Michael Osias (IBM): Hyperledger: A Permissioned Blockchain Platform


Detailed Agenda -  Presentations