It is common sense that Unmanned Autonomous Systems can be used against NATO populations and forces. But beyond the public perception of this threat, there is a need for an expert level debate that will produce a thorough understanding of the challenges and initiate the development of efficient response options. This is what NATO Transformation Command is addressing with this online workshop.


How to Counter Unmanned Autonomous Systems ?

The workshop is gathering experts from all background, Government, Military, NATO, Academia, Industry … to address all aspects (operational, autonomy related, legal, legitimacy, financial and ethical) of the proliferation of Unmanned & Autonomous systems in ground, air, sea and Telecoms dimensions. The aim is to identify the best options to counter Unmanned & Autonomous systems and to provide senior policy makers and industry with guidance on related future implications and requirements.



All experts are invited to brainstorm, share their insights, and ask questions in the forum.

The December 2014 WORKSHOP

The forum initial findings were exploited during the workshop 9-11 Dec 14. Discussions have resumed in the forum.