Disruptive Technology Experiment (DTEx)

is what NATO military run to identify impactful future technology

If you are a STEM student,



  • Experience a real military experiment
  • Apply your technology skills to a military operation
  • Engage with experts and military professionals
  • Learn technology assessment techniques
  • Practice serious gaming
  • Get the NATO participation certificate
This is a rare opportunity for students, the last open DTEx was run 3 years ago!
This Naval Mine Warfare DTEx is run on ODU Campus on 4-8 Nov
STEM students from any grade can participate from one up to five days
What is the topic?
The topic of this DTEx is Naval Mine Warfare
How it works?
As member of a team with military experts you will be planning naval operations and trying to disrupt opposing teams’ plans.
Time and Place
4-8 Nov, Monarch Way 4111, Norfolk directions
one day will give you a taste of the experiment
but participating the five days will teach you the technology assessment technique and make you place in the expert community.