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Critical Thinking Workshop

Event Date

Tuesday, August 17, 2021 10:00am - 3:00pm

Event Descriptions

This workshop supports the development of the concept for a Critical Thinking Course.

It aims at identifying and discussing all potential components of the concept and the course, including:

Objectives, Audience, Teaching Topics, Courseware, teaching techniques, underlying science, potential instructors, and more

It is open to all, and specially to experts and potential user of the Critical Thinking Course.

Not registered audience can follow live on Facebook:


The workshop is debate based. Topics are briefly introduced by one expert, then followed with open discussions with the audience.

10:00 Introduction

10:10 Evaluating Critical Thinking Skills

10:40 Teaching Critical Thinking

11:15 Conceptual Perspectives and Practical Guidelines

12:00 NATO Education and Training aspects

12:30 Human Factors in Critical Thinking

13:10 Critical Thinking in the Military

13:30 Military CT training

14:10 Cross Cultural Aspects

14:40 Conclusions