Posted: 05/30/2013

Some of the challenges ahead of us are so complex that the only chance to meet them is through an improved collaboration among the experts from the 28 nations, NATO Command Structure, Industry and Academia. Branch Mission To design innovative solutions meeting NATO's most complex future challenges Branch Vision To foster a worldwide collaboration between experts in NATO Operational Needs, Science, Technology, Knowledge, Innovation and Solution Design; and bring them to design innovative solutions to identified priority NATO future challenges. What we do The Future Solutions staffs acquire thorough understanding of the operational needs (demand) and of the Science and Technology activities (supply) that could contribute to meet those needs. Then, they help design innovative solutions for the supply to meet the demand. To do so, they actively engage three distinct communities. The Operational Demand Community People with operational expertise able to formulate the operational requirements or needs. This community includes NATO personnel and their operational and comprehensive approach partners. The Knowledge Supply Community People whose subject matter expertise can contribute to meet the identified challenges. This community includes Industry and Academia, Science and Technology. The Solutions Designers Community NATO and Nations personnel in charge of designing the solutions. (concept developers, experimenters, )   Engagement and collaboration with these communities is enabled by various mechanisms and tools, the ones genuine to the Future Solutions Branch are the Innovation Hub and the Framework For Collaborative Interaction. Ongoing Activities and Projects Operational Demand ·     the contribution to the NATO Defense Planning Process ·     the analysis of Urgent Operational Requirements ·     the analysis of Operational Lessons Learned ·     the formulation of the Science and Technology priority objectives   Science & Technology supply ·     Collaborative Interaction with Industry and Academia ·     Organization of the ACT Industry Day/Forum ·     Engagement with NATO Science and Technology Organization and Community ·     NATO Modeling and Simulation roadmap   Solutions Design ·     Innovation Hub ·     Distributed Battle Laboratories ·     Center for Maritime Research and Experimentation program management ·     Human Environment Capability Link to Branch chart Link to Branch faces