Posted: 09/04/2017
I have doubts NATO is an organisation open to innovationComment:After two years and a half spent in NATO at the operational level (JFC Lisbon) I would say that is rather the opposite: NATO is NOT an organisation prepared to absorb innovation at the rate is happens in other similar institutions.The speed NATO is taking measures to adapt to the CLOUD technology and mentality is just one example and I won`t go deeper thant that. There is a very good study posted on ACT portal on the matter which shows the delays NATO has compared to EU or UN.I don`t know exactly which are the reasons but I think we can get more insight on WHY IS NATO STAFF RELUCTANT TO INNOVATION through open discussions in a venue like this?I believe we cannot blame the organization as an entity for this shortfall and we should rather focuse on the attitude of the military personnel working (on a temporary basis) in this organisation.If we admit this reluctance as a fact and if we would try to identify the causes, I believe we could begin to see where is the point we should start from to address it.Take this idea for example:I think the NATO military personnel is reluctant to innovation due to the fact the majority comes for limited relatively short term and are not eager to get involved in a medium to long term efforts required to implement new ideas.What do you think about it? Is it a true statement?More about this here :