Posted: 09/04/2017
From PENLO for our consideration and discussion at the next meeting Can help in mapping the US DoD related and Silicon Valley based innovation centres (the US innovation landscape) and put together a list that might be of interest to us Can make a list of conferences we need to participate to get innovative ideas in 2017. Design an education course for incoming staff and a separate one for executive level FOGOs arriving to ACT on innovation IoT expose them early on to the new ACT innovative culture. Identify selection criteria for the 'Jedi Council' and select a few more members every quarter based on this criteria IoT increase diversity of the team and also to maintain continuity - selection should not be based on FOGO suggestions but rather endorsement from IT members - the goal should be to get more young and smart people on the team. Map the innovation landscape and look for outside opportunities to partner with team who can provide ACT specific solutions on some of the focus areas (e.g. C2, cyber) - establish a partnership with them Visit Center for the Edge (IoT learn more about large scale organizational change "Scaling Edges" method): Visit Locheed Martin's skunk works: Visit Google X lab: Visit Singularity University and select one individual who can possibly participate in SU's Innovation Partners Engagement program Visit the Apple campus to learn more about forming small teams of changemakers who can disrupt the legacy market Visit GE Garages Visit Zappos