Posted: 09/04/2017
Let's look a few years ahead and discuss how the integration of wearable computing (such as Google Glass) will merge social networks with mobile technology and big data pattern detection. Social Media will be move rapidly past where we are today as wearable computing changes the way that people communicate with each another.With the Boston Marathon incident, smartphone user videos and photos were used to piece together what happened before and after those moments. The "alleged" attackers were quickly identified and their trail of social, digital and mobile activity has been used to piece together the facts of the story.What steps were needed to capture those valuable data points (social media updates, photos, videos)? Aperson in attendance would have pulled a smartphone out of their pocket or handbag, unlocked the passcode, opened the camera app, switched it to camera or video mode and pressed record in the right direction. Now imagine if even a fraction of the bystanders or even some of the 23,000 runners were wearing eyeglass or sunglasses that was recording video from their point of view and could instantly be posted and shared with the network.