Posted: 09/04/2017
Trainingboard "ISAF" Trainingboard ISAF (inspection copy - without annexes) 1. Specific Information about the Trainingboard ISAF: Focus: dealing with the afghan local population manners and values of Germany manners and values of Afghanistan how to deal with a culture that has different values and virtues case studies 2. General Information about Trainingboards: one Trainingboard is layouted for a group of 5 trainees Target Audiance of all Trainingboards areall Soldiers and civil employees of the German Bundeswehr(the Trainingboards are send by mail into the units) Trainingboards are throw-away products (40 x 60cm =DIN A2) processing time depends on the group and varies from 150 - 210 minutes all Trainingboards are self explanatory, which means the instructor does not necessarily need to have any previous specific knowledge to assist the instructors we hand them out a 20-page guideline with practical hints and background information about the Trainingboard they deal with Copyright of all Trainingboards belongs to the 'Zentrum Innere F柳rung' of the 'German Bundeswehr' If you have any further questions or feedback please post it here.