Posted: 09/04/2017

WHY?Recent debate often focuses on theunmanned aspect of systems, but addressed more recently theautonomous capability of these systems. The related challenges need to be addressed in the most possible comprehensive way in order to provide the most efficient answer in terms of countering measures.The specific challenges of unmanned systems with a certain level of autonomy have not been yet fully addressed in both military and civilian environments. We need to reach a near-common understanding of the following questions:- What is specific to the Unmanned Autonomous behaviour?- To what aspects of Autonomous Systems are countermeasures the most critical?WHAT?The objective is to answer the following question :How to Counter Unmanned Autonomous Systems ?HOW?The FORUMIn theforumyou will find two first questions that will guide the evolution of the debate. Provide your insight by answering the two questions in the most various possible way. Keep in mind to address all the aspects of the UAxS in order to provide the most comprehensive view of the challenges that will lead the way counter-measures can be envisaged.The WORKSHOPThe forum findings will be exploited during the workshop 9-11 Dec 14 when everyone will be able to join live online or onsite.Access the Forum