Posted: 05/26/2022

The MTEC mission is to assist the U.S. Army Medical Research and Development Command (USAMRDC) by providing cutting-edge technologies and supporting effective material life cycle management to transition medical solutions to industry that protect, treat, and optimize Warfighters’ health and performance across the full spectrum of military operations.

Driver: 70% of field-able technology is obsolete. For example: The FWA $2B O Ring Dream known as the JEDI Contract. 86-0505. Because when something is too efficient, the Government will cancel the order. But, the race has always been to zero to increase Shareholders' wealth.

Zachman Framework
Handshake Deals
Law, Caselaw, JD Opinion
Value: $20M
Non-traditional Contractor


The proposed procurement meets the criteria for exclusion from full and open competition under the authority cited due to CROWDMOLE™, Sole Proprietor, (Decentralized Management, Continuity) being the only entity that has the following qualifications to perform this work:

1) must have demonstrated experience with the review and analysis of IBM R&D communication plans; 2) must have demonstrated experience with interacting with a diverse cross-section of IBM stakeholders, including IBM HQ; 3) understanding of policy, planning, science and technology, and engineering related to the development of Industrial R&D communication plans; and 4) must have demonstrated experience with Industrial UAV R&D mission areas; and 5) knowledgeable of regional, national, and international perspectives on R&D solutions.


From your perspective and experience, what are the primary risk areas, and/or potential issues associated with an acquisition of this type that you may have seen or experienced? How do you propose to mitigate these risks?
Does your tool suite solution have a name? If so, what is the name?
Maximum number of users that can currently use the software? 
What is the total number of users that can simultaneously use the software?
Describe the licensing methodology, e.g. floating (flex) licenses, stand-alone licenses, named user, etc.
Based on maximum number of users and licensing methodology, please provide a cost breakdown for the tool suite you are proposing, e.g. upfront costs, maintenance fees, priced by number of licenses, step ladder, use per day, etc.
Would your company be open to licensing your products to allow for scaling (up and down) of license quantities over time to meet mission requirements without reinstatement or repurchasing licenses?
Do you have any other proposed licensing models that would increase the government’s licensing flexibility and decrease aggregate licensing costs?
Are there specific contractual remedies that your company believes would increase the government’s licensing flexibilities and decrease licensing costs?
List all tools within the tool suite and describe interoperability between the tools. Specify which tool is Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS), Government Off-The- Shelf (GOTS), and/or proprietary.
Is any part of your tool suite/application available on a current Government contract vehicle (GSA, Government-Wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC), NASA Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement (SEWP), Army Computer Hardware Enterprise Software and Solutions (CHESS), etc.)? If so, please state the application and government contract vehicle.
Is your proposed tool suite currently used by any industries and/or Government agencies? If so, please list the industries/agencies with corresponding point of contact information (name/phone/email).
Which phases of the acquisition life cycle do your tools map to?
What storage capacity is available? What is the accessibility permissions capability? What is the ability for non-software users to view and/or provide input?
Is allocation of model/tool functions available, e.g. federation for simulation purposes? If so, how is it handled so that the tools can integrate information?
What tools do you have that integrate other tools into one integration function?
Is there a single user interface that can provide access to all tools in the tool suite? Please describe the user interface. If possible, please provide a recorded demonstration or Uniform Resource Locator (URL) of the user interface.
Is your company a reseller or original software manufacturer of any application within the tool suite? If a reseller, is your company considered to be a premium partner of the original software manufacturer. A premium partner is defined as a reseller which does not require 3rd party support to resell the required software?
Is your company the owner of the source code for any application in the tool suite? If so, do you have any authorized resellers? Please provide a list.
What tools will be supported by your environment and what information will be fused to provide analysis?
Identify and list all standards within the tool suite for all applications, software, and/or tools.
Does your application have Federal Government/DOD accreditations/certifications /authority to operate under the strict DoD cyber security requirements? If so, please list and provide details/specifics.
What files, structures, formats are supported within the tool suite?
Describe the ability to interchange tools within the tools suite, e.g. will it create development cycles to add new software?
What is the capability with integrating data/products from previous tools into your tool?
What collaboration capability does your tool suite provide? Is there real-time collaboration?
Is any prior software language knowledge required to use any of the components of the tool suite? If so, list the software language.
Expected level of expertise required to adequately use the tool suite, e.g. layman, software engineer, etc.?
Do you have an established training regimen/pilot program for the tool suite? If so, what is the length, e.g. weeks, days, hours?
Would you require Government Furnished Equipment (GFE) or Government Furnished Software (GFS)? If so, please describe.


Date: 9/23/2016
Proof of Entitlement: PO #GEP…1APP
Agreement NO: …747
IBM Customer #: …691


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United States


You will own nothing and like it. Everything in the WHAT section has to be completed for any handshake deal to be effective. It is only a scam if you fall for it. Because knowing, and knowing the whole time are entirely two different things.

Work Environment

Low-back Disability from sitting out a five year one way NDA with an OEM Manufacturer, and a Stay At Home order. ***

Colin is simply attempting to go to work and play with my kids- not lesser developed humans that require AFR 200-2.


Credit Assignment Problem

X,Y Learning has occurred and FIFO GAAP can be practiced.

Incumbents are going to call it Continuous Improvement. Because patching means that the product still exists. We’re going to take the lessons learned, rebrand, and remarked everything making the WHAT section obsolete.

X1, Y1 where learning has not occurred.

While the other sucker was spending FWA on keeping up and arguing context for a handshake deal, the following can be shown with ease:

Bi-directional employment, Kinetic Kill Insurance (X,Y - X1,Y1), Wire, and Mail Fraud. And you become an invited guest because there was no intention of selling Colin the product with a 831 FICO score at the time learning had occurred.


1. 1st, 4th, 5th, 8th Amendments Rights
2. Kinetic Kill, DIA Space Security- no MLA citation
3. AML Willful Blindness
5. Breach of Contract - Colin has no Duty to Care.
6. No Level of Effort Contracts Accepted

$1 $5 $10 $20 $50 $100