Posted: 09/04/2017

Cyber security problems - point of view from a psychologist perspective. (1) In fact, I think there are three types of level (at least for me) of cyber-security. - The first is that of protection against cyber-attacks, cyber-influences, voluntary cyber-actions, etc. It is now well known by NATO and military. - The second is that of cyber-protection in terms of psychological problems such as cyber-perversions, cyber-dependencies, attentional cyber-saturations, new cyber-pathologies (for instance for young people, elderly, weak persons, etc.) - The third consisted in examining the social dimensionof cyber-dominance, particularly at different levels: - (1) social exclusion, exclusion of individuals, dependence of the weak; - (2) but also that of peopleand nations, economic dominance and technologicdominance. (2) Perhaps here we can take into consideration the ethical dimension in the use of information and systems, and of its overtaking, someof which being possiblya new kind of weapon. (3) There is a difference between the cybersituational awareness of the operators and that of the commanders. But there is an other ambiguity thatmust be overcome, that of a difference of conception between the level of the individual actors, and that of the whole ofthese individuals. It is evident that the definition of the cyber-situation awareness of the wholeis not the simple sum of the individual characteristics.