Posted: 09/04/2017
This is your Forum.The second panel will take the discussion on training, exercises, on the need for maintaining the abilities gained in two decades of operations and generating requirements for future NATO missions and operations, into the realm of the capability development.Panel 2 is aimed at debating and bringing new views and solutions for delivering capabilities in time of fiscal deficit. It seems that any discussion that ignores the potential long term effects of the financial crisis on the defence establishment and on the defence and security industry risks to demonstrate lack of understanding of the realities of this beginning of century.To go further, a food-for-thought.This is your Forum.In that spirit, the Innovation Hub gives you the opportunity to post your questions so that, whoever you are, wherever you are, your voice, youryour insight and your perspectivescan be equally shared , in a setting allowing more room for dialogue, debate and to challenge ideas.