Posted: 11/03/2021


My name is Adeel. I am a civilian from Canada.

I am very interested in seeing a healthier world. So for this to happen, I think we need to become a multi-planetary species.
- This is crucial, imho in order to enable a world of abundance.
- However, we also need to think deeply about what life would be like in this world of abundance. So we need to design a society whereby people are happy and healthy. A society where individuals have good/wholesome relationship with each other [Dunbar's limit], with their environment and with the society at large (including a planetary society).

I have been an entrepreneur for many years. My profile on Linkedin can be found here:

I would love to assist other teams in order to help them make a product or service that will make the world a safer and better place for all life.

Thank you very much. Please ask me any question you have. Have a nice day.