Posted: 09/05/2017

covered-not coveredThe private user training consists in :1.Generalities1.1.Characteristics and power of social media (lesson 1 and 9) any addition by the instructors?1.2.NATO Organizational culture and narrative who could give this lesson?1.3.The NATO SM strategy/guidelines this document does not exist yet, do we need to make it up? witht he students?1.4.Security OPSEC and safe environment (lesson 2)any addition by the instructor?2.The framework2.1.A code of conduct - and legal aspects - do's and don'ts (lesson 3) who can give legal aspects?2.2.The NATO SM users network not to much to say for a full lesson. maybe have a discussion with members?2.3.Crisis management (lesson 7) focus more on the conversation, not only the risk3.The tools3.1.Psycho-social aspects of social media interaction (lesson 4) any addition by the instructor?3.2.Specificities of main SM tools (technology and social dynamics) (lesson 5)other tools? replace by a lesson comparing the different SM4.The techniques4.1.How to tell a story, create narrative with SM4.2.Technical use of new media and digital tools (lesson 5 and 9)other tools? more in details with Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Ipadio, Instagram, Flicker, Linkedin